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GWFM has set up the research center to invite industry practitioners and researchers from academy to work on emerging trends and happening topics in the market .Research services focus on global knowledge and research driven content These services provide access to our huge database of HR as well as Functional Professionals and their insights on various issues.
Ideally team will be formed with the combination of Industry leaders and researchers to work projects , post the task completion white papers will be published.
Research methodology:
1 Primary data
2 Interview
3 Survey ​

GWFM Research services offering

1. Short Term Study:
  Duration: 3 – 5 months.
  Includes both quantitative (survey) and qualitative (Senior Management Interviews, Focus Group Discussions) research methodologies, and a full report.
2. Qualitative Study
  Qualitative research is personal, interactive, flexible and could be done one – one or in groups through face –face, telephonic or online meetings.
  Senior Management or leadership Interviews.
  Focus Group Discussions (FGDs).
GWFM provides the Best In Situations…
   When you need to understand human motives – the “why” of human behaviour.
   When understanding intricate systems or processes
   When corroborating the quantitative findings with human behaviour
   When you are planning for a large scale quantitative research and need to understand target participants’ perceptions, issues etc. to aid
   you in survey design
   When sample sizes are limited.
4. Case Study
   Duration: 2 – 4 months
   Includes Identifying learning
objectives, creating story boards, data collection (interviews), reviewing & drafting of case study, leading up to the writing of the final case study.
Unique and novel practices
   Unique process of Implementation
   Unique customisation of practice
Benefit of Partnering with GWFM
   All work done in collaboration with the client
   GWFM Branding on all the study reports
   Launch of the reports on platforms such as conferences and forums. Online launch on GWFM Websites
   Relevant branding of the studies at all platforms


Global Workforce Management Forum is the 1st WFM Forum in the world initiated at India. GWFM Network Forum is a non profit professional organization, comprising of a group of Senior HR professionals committed to promoting the WFM movement in the global platform and enhancing the capability of human resource professionals to compete globally and thereby creating value for society.

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