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About  Us

About GWFM :
Global Workforce Management Forum is the 1st WFM Forum in the world initiated at India. GWFM Network Forum is a non profit professional organization, comprising of a group of Senior HR professionals committed to promoting the WFM movement in the global platform and enhancing the capability of human resource professionals to compete globally and thereby creating value for society. GWFM is committed to the development of human resources through education, training, research and experience sharing. GWFM is one of the fastest growing professional forum in India and a trend setter where we discuss current and future happenings in the global business. Established in 2015 April, GWFM is an autonomous, not-for-profit professionally managed organization, playing an Evangelist role in grooming Leaders for Future .​

GWFM has 12,000 members representing, Top Multinationals, Public & Private organizations including NGOs & Top Universities spread across the world. ​
GWFM has had an exciting journey of over two and half years. GWFM has been stupendously enriched by the learning from top industry leaders . GWFM logo reflects 3 colors RED AMBER & GREEN which means GWFM facilitates the industry leaders to create transformation from high risk business situation to low risk and then upto stable business strategy to drive their roles effectively. GWFM creates useful knowledge sharing with the real time business cases. And builds networking around the world

The GWFM logo aims to strengthen the base of our purpose, express the collaborative spirit, provides focus on organizational Vision & Mission, and direct efforts towards institutional integrity and distinction. The organization’s identity, which reflects the goals of the Forum , is a valuable asset. A powerful brand image acts like a pillar for a strong corporate identity.​

22 – 25 Feb, 17


12K Members

20 Speakers

100 to 200 leaders

300 to 500 Audience

Vision & Mission

Our Vision :
To create a worldwide platform for knowledge sharing & professional networking.​
Our Mission : GWFM Network Forum
GWFM Network Forum advocates for the workforce industry and develops the professional capacity of workforce professionals seeking the highest standards of excellence in credentialing, applied learning opportunities, and cutting edge tools to excel in serving job seekers and business. We are dedicated to encouraging excellence at the ‘hard edge’ of HR across the private and public sectors.At the Forum we promote HR in business strategies. Our role is even more relevant with todays’ emphasis on the importance of strategic partnerships and people related measures. GWFM Network Forum grew out of an increasing interest in the people dimension as the concept of Human Capital.

Workforce planning was widely used by large employers. These hierarchical organisations offered a career for life and planned the recruitment and progression of staff, with the expectation of promotion at regular intervals. From the 1980s onwards there has been a major restructuring of industry with a rapid decline and privatisation of large, state owned industries. There had also been a rapid growth in the service sector, including IT and finance. Government departments have been expected to be much more commercially minded. Flatter organisations that are less reliant on promoting their own staff became more prevalent. Planning was regarded as less important, as shortages are met by headhunting staff from competitors. A slowly changing world has been transformed into a chaotic and dynamic one where technological change and entrants with new business models have decimated competitors. In response to these changes approaches like scenario planning have been used to accommodate a range of possible futures. This means that organisations can mitigate the worst risks. ​In addition, a growing number of organisations are seeking to avoid the financial, motivational and reputational loses in making staff redundant, only to re-employ some of them, often much more expensively as consultants. Our Mission is to lead thinking and share good practice in the linking of people, planning and productivity. We provide network forums for those professionals working strategically in HR.​

GWFM Network Forum has associated links with other professional societies and bodies dedicated to organisational effectiveness – as well as being a voice and stimulus for the HR profession.​