Building influential  HR networks

Workforce Management is now a high priority for most businesses and organisations as they try and adapt to the changing and challenging economic landscape. Businesses need to strengthen their skills development policies to ensure employees contribute effectively to the overall business strategy.

Tutors and Coaching :

We can design and deliver coaching to meet your needs.  
This could include face-to-face sessions for however long you want at a location of your choosing, with further support through emails and phone calls.  
Our tutors can provide templates for technical subjects and review reports before they are circulated.  
This is particularly useful where you lack the specialist skills in-house.   
For example, we recently designed a one day programme with a follow up session several months afterwards with telephone and email support in between.

Our Members :

We benefit from our members who are drawn from the senior ranks of the HR profession, academia and other contributors to value-adding HR strategy.

22 – 25 Feb, 17


12K Members

20 Speakers

100 to 200 leaders

300 to 500 Audience

Helping businesses with Workforce Planning & building strategy

At the GWFM Network Forum we can help your business and organisation by:

  building a network of influential people involved in the hard edge of people issues;
  holding events to facilitate the sharing of knowledge;
  offering educational master classes in relevant subjects;
  holding joint meetings with other professional societies dedicated to the support of organisations;
  facilitating and distilling research.

A Unique Network Club for HR Practitioners

GWFM Network Forum forms a unique, personal and corporate network for members:

  Our Membership includes some of the India’s leading organisations.
  We provide private forums, meetings and briefings for members stimulated by leading speakers and forward-looking developments.
  We can provide tools and techniques for Workforce Planning including – provision of metrics and high performance practice.
  We regularly provide insights into private, original research, publications and HR reports.
  We offer corporate, individual and student membership. Members come from a wide range of business, academic and public sector organisations across India and overseas.

GWFM introduced CXOs Speaker’s club first time in Global Market

  How it works – Monthly meet ups Learning the Learn the Art & Science of speech , Practicing and Mastering Professional Keynote speech , Panel Discussion , Round table and Executive Interview Series .
  Track your improvement through through Video recording and feedback and coaching by seasoned International Speakers.
  Get opportunities for paid speeches in upcoming conferences .