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National Conclave on Talent Acquisition – 2019

on 2nd February 2019
@ Hotel Chancery , Bangalore



Focus and leverage an array of strategies, tactics, and tools to deliver excellence at every stage of the recruiting lifecycle. Build your talent acquisition function from attraction and sourcing to assessment, selection and on boarding.


This event is for you to:

  • Partner with educational institutions to build the skills you need
  • Partner with educational institutions to build the skills you need
  • Invest in internal recruiting to leverage the people you already have
  • Use analytics to change the way you think about recruiting and make data-driven recruiting a reality at your organization
  • Deepen and diversify talent pipelines
  • Capitalize on internal and external partnerships for hard-to-find talent
  • Maximize new hire performance and retention with new assessment techniques
  • Predict and prioritize talent gaps to grow the bottom line
  • Prepare for AI in recruiting


What You Can Expect:

  • Learn to build a talent acquisition function capable of delivering excellence at every stage of the recruiting lifecycle — from attraction and sourcing to assessment, selection and onboarding.
  • Talent acquisition professionals are under more pressure than ever to attract, assess and hire high-quality talent. Join us at the 2019 GWFM National Conclave on Talent Acquisition to learn new strategies for building a strong talent pipeline in today’s tight labor market.
  • Internal and External strategic partnerships – build stronger, deeper, more diverse talent pipelines
  • Assessment techniques – improve performance, retention, and engagement
  • Employment branding – budget-friendly ideas
  • Analytics
  • Predicting and prioritizing talent gaps
  • Building your talent acquisition team
  • AI for recruiting

Panelists and Keynoters :

If you are interested in presenting at the event, please contact.

Vendor Attendance and Sponsorship
If you are an HR tech/Talent Management software vendor or solution provider and wish to attend or inquire about partnership opportunities, reach out to us

Keynotes :

Opening Keynote
Automation, AI and Economics: Preparing for the Future of Work.
This session will focus on:

  • Technological, demographic and economic trends shaping the world today
  • Labor markets, the future of work, and why “average is over”
  • How to overcome complacency and inject dynamism into your organization
  • Comprehensive Strategy to Close Mission-critical Talent Gaps
  • In this session you will learn how to:
  • Transform from a reactive recruiting function to a dream team of talent advisors.
  • Blend various methods and technology like geofencing, internships, and external partnerships to improve the quality and quantity of your candidates.
  • Revamp your employment branding, EVP, and onboarding experience on a global scale.


Panel Discussion: 1

AI, Machine Learning and Talent Acquisition
This session will focus on:

  • What the likely impact of AI, machine learning, and other technologies are on recruiting professionals in the near- to mid-term future.
  • How to tell which technological trends are truly transformative and which are mere shiny objects.
  • Why you need to focus first on defining your recruiting strategy before you begin searching for tech to support it.


Panel Discussion: 2.

Structuring TA Function for the Talent Crunch
This session will focus on how to:

  • Re-think your assumptions about talent acquisition in your organization.
  • Modernize and optimize your TA function to serve your organization’s unique talent needs.
  • Work with internal partners to address talent gaps more holistically.


Panel Discussion: 3

The Future of Predictive Recruiting Metrics
This session Focusses On:

  • What to measure, when to measure, why measure. We think we have a universal agreement and understanding of these things. And we probably all agree that TA leaders should have their fingers on the pulse of said metrics.
  • Like everything in HR, recruiters have more predictive metrics than they know what to do with. Again, knowing which predictive metrics and how to analyze them is intellectually elusive and painful. The goal of this session is to explain the future of predictive recruiting metrics that matter and why they matter.
  • This particular juncture in history is a bit overwhelming. When people talk about making data-driven decisions, what exactly do they mean? Throw out our experience, forget what we’ve learned, and lose the funny and not-so-funny stories that are a part of our career? No. What people generally mean is that “we” should look at data first then square that against what we know to be true. This session will be exclusively about the future of predictive recruiting metrics.


Strategic Keynote Address :

Drive Change to Attract Top Talent in a Competitive Environment
How will the development plans for business and government impact the hiring and retention of employees ?

The keynote speaker will discuss the impact jobs make on economic development, key factors that draw people to the area and the type of growth occurring. He will share how unique “independently owned and independent in spirit,” are changing to attract top talent , with team members empowered by a collaborative culture. You’ll hear how their innovative approaches that embrace the work-life balance and employees’ passion attract top technology talent in an ever-increasing competitive environment.


Panel Discussion 4:

Technology and the Human Touch: The Golden Rule of Talent Acquisition:
Research reveals that 65 percent of candidates who have a poor candidate experience do not receive any interview preparation or communication before, during or after the interview. Some organisations, have addressed this by developing a well-structured processes that successfully fostered early cultural integration, drove interview and hiring productivity and improved long-term employee engagement and retention. Panellists will also share how to develop fully functioning in-house strategy to elevate and transform employer brands.

Launch of the GWFM TA TRENDS 2019 :

With rising new roles, the conundrum of fetching the right set of new-aged skilled resources remains a daunting task. While these ideologies and concepts aren’t new, they continue to evolve and will remain hot topics in the years to come.

About Global WFM Forum :

Global WFM (First WFM forum in the world), we are associated with 12 thousand HR leaders and CXOs in APAC region . So far we hosted more than 33 mega events Bangalore, Mumbai & Hyderabad central places also in top B schools and Universities namely , IIMB, SP JAIN, TISS, KIIT , LPU, FABS, IIM Kashipur, IIT Kanpur, SOA,JAIN University, GITAM and many other events in star hotels at major cities within India. Very soon we have planned to host an event with INSEAD Singapore and SP Jain Dubai .

What Global WFM Forum do ?



  • Hot Topics discussion on Current & Future Trends & Insights
    With 15-20 CHROs ,CXOs , WFM Leaders and Sr. Industry leaders
  • One Hours length of each Round table
  • Co-branded by hosted by the institutions / Company
  • Leadership Interview Series with CXOs, CHROs & Industry leaders
  • Minimum participation with 100 to 150 industry audience


  • 20 Speakers (CHROs & CXOs).
  • 2 Keynote speeches from Top leaders and 4 Panel discussions.
  • 2-3 programs speakers and 200+ Industry delegates.
  • Social Media Network coverage and 8 hours program
  • Tech / Knowledge partners Showcase
  • Venue : Big institutions / 5 star Hotels


  • Hosted by Top Universities / Institutions and 20 top speakers from MNCs
  • 2 –Panel discussions and 2 Days program
  • 200 to 500 Delegates and ISBN Registration
  • Top -20 to 30 Paper presentations & Evaluation on same day
  • Editing and shortlisted Articles and publishing the Journal


  • Co-hosted by the Technology / Knowledge Partner .
  • Unique topics will be identified .
  • Audience of 300 to 500 across the globe .
  • Detailed Q&A , huge take away for the partners and audience




  • Top / well known leaders interview one –on –one
  • Hot topics- current and future trends / Opinion discussion on video Interview
  • Experts interviews the leaders
  • Published in the social media & GWFM members


  • Experts speakers / SME to deliver -15 Min of speech & 5 Min of Q&A .
  • Current happening trends / Unique topics.
  • Speech will be recorded and uploaded in YouTube channel & Social Media.
  • GWFM TALKs series are great knowledge sharing platform
  • Audience size of 100 to 200 industry leaders.


  • Industry happening research on current problems & happening trends.
  • Specific Industry trends and topics.
  • Industry leaders and Research scholars involvement.
  • White papers release and published in the market.


  • SWFM (Strategic Workforce Management .
  • STA&A (Strategic Talent Acquisition & Analytics).
  • Top SMEs will coach and instruct .
  • Courses will offered by top Universities .
  • World class business cases will be shared along with course materials .

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Dr. Shivakumar

9167844214 / 9900171542

Partho Ganguly


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