ASEAN WFM Summit 2021

Industry Journey of 2021 - Success & Failure Stories & Preparedness for 2022

GWFM is incredibly excited to engage the WFM industry journey of 2021. organizations have gone through severe challenges with heart success stories and also little setback on few areas those were the stepping stones to innovate differently. WFM Tech has played a keynote role in bringing in a game-changer perspective in 2021

The paradigm shift in WFH trends has come up as a major game-changer in the industry that can affect the productivity of the employees. With a few challenges around the corner, it will be easy to work easily in a remote working environment.

Undoubtedly, the healthcare industry working on a vaccine is in full flow, but the companies are fighting against the economic slowdown. This momentum is now coming up as the “New Normal” for the industries that are permitting the employees to collaborate with technology to increase the productivity of the employees working remotely.

It is shaping the future of the industries that are now adapting to the new tools for businesses that are making employees work in a smooth environment.

1 Productivity Tools

The requirements and pain points of the employees are different while working from home as compared to working from the office. Hence, it requires some extensive measures and unique approaches to cover all the major organizational needs such as remote onboarding, file sharing, client management, and learning management. As a result, it is best to embrace the top tools that can offer seamless integration for employees and help in running across platforms for better productivity.

2 Asynchronous Communication

The communication between the teams is now changing due to the virtual presence including immediacy and cadence. Hence, asynchronous communication is taking over the employees to work together as per the availability and zone of the others. This can be done with the right processes and tools that allow the workforce to explore ideas easily.
The communication among the employees is also maintained with the help of major communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Flock, Meet, etc. There are also multiple collaboration tools and platforms that make it easy for employees to work together.

3 Information Security

Since the employees are working from home, the risk of information security is increasing. Hence, companies need to come up with measures to protect intellectual properties. It also includes proper security measures for automatic software updates, secure VPNs, device encryption, etc. Cybersecurity awareness must be provided to the employees so that they can work on the necessary measures while working remotely.

4 Emotional Intelligence

The remote working scenario has eliminated the concept of private proximities that is making a huge emotional disconnect among the team. The human connections are now misplaced in the workforce that is affecting human interactions, networking, and collaboration. It has also influenced the dynamics between teams that can be managed with the right intelligence and emotional quotient to maintain and craft a cohesive workforce. Managers and leaders can work together to come up with the right enterprise solutions for ideal outcomes.

5 Hybrid Model

The employees are not bound to work 9 to 5 jobs anymore. They have been provided with the freedom and flexibility allowing them to work according to the dynamics that suit best for the companies and employees.

Who should attend the event

  1. WFM Leaders and Professionals
  2. Ops Leaders and Managers
  3. HR Leaders and Managers
  4. Talent Transformation leader
  5. Delivery and Account Management Leaders
  6. Quality and Finance Professionals
  7. Product managers

Why should attend the event

  1. To get to know the new & Future trends in WFM
  2. To get to know the new WFM Tech & Practices
  3. Customer experience stories
  4. Get insights from WFM Global leaders
  5. Meet WFM Talents and fellow professionals
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Event Start:

07 Dec 2021

Registration End:

5th Dec. 2021


2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

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