GWFM’s LATAM International WFM Roundtable

Theme: New Agenda & Priorities for Workforce Management in 2021

Discussion and Q&A on the following coverage of the happening topics:

1) The Future of Workforce Management: 2021 Trends
2) Hybrid workforce the trending focus in global industries
3) Cost optimization -the key role of WFM function
4) Future readiness of skill and capabilities
5) Drive Towards Digital: Increasing operational efficiency & agility

Event Speakers

Sebastián Téllez M.
Chief WorkForce Officer at TP MAR
Tatiana Goff-Morrell
Global Director and Head of Workforce Management at Uber
Paul Chance
Paul Chance
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
GWFM’s LATAM International WFM Roundtable
Iván Hollman Mora Bejarano
Workforce Director en Nexa BPO
Shawn Livengood
Shawn Livengood
Delivering Innovative Workforce Management Solutions

Event Start:

23 Mar 2021

Registration End:

March 23rd, 2021


2:00 PM GMT-5

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