International WFM Hackathon 2021

GWFM Hosts WFM Hackthon 1st time in the world !!

Building 20 WFM Business Cases in one Day,

Do you like to be part of showcasing your new Ideas, Framework, Tools, Solutions for the Business cases?

The objective of the Hackathon is to create innovation in WFM, recognize the best and Disruptive Ideas, Tools, Frameworks, Strategies, and Solutions for Business Problems. GWFM Hackathon is going to be a big GAME Changer in Global Market, setting the new innovation trends

Set the new innovative trends in WFM

The final day of the Hackathon calls for Felicitation of Award and Recognition for the Winner, 1st runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up. Organizations nominate 4-5 members as a team

Reach out to us if you have any queries: Ph: +91-9167844214

International WFM Hackathon 2021

1. New innovative trends in WFM
2. Felicitation of Award and Recognition
3. Recognize the best and Disruptive Ideas, Tools, Frameworks, Strategies, and Solutions for Business Problems


International WFM Hackathon 2021

Hackathon Methodology :

Stanford Business University-based Design Thinking 5 steps process
Mentors and Coaches would provide guidance and coaching to each team to perform at their peak

Platform: Virtual Zoom meeting with breakout rooms

Once enrolment is done GWFM core team will invite the WFM Participants / Hackers to preparation for the HACKATHON

Feel free to Call / Text at +91 9167844214 or email at

Event Schedule

Day 1



  1. International Hackathon starts on 8th at your morning 9-30 AM hours
  2. Get ready with the team
  3. Mentor allocation
  4. Bring out your problem WFM Area / Define the problem statement
  5. Kick- start the Hackathon
  6. Present at every stage of your success level
  7. Ideate and bring up the solutions
  8. Ask a question from another team
  9. Build your success story

Day 2



  1. Present your business case / Caste study / Solutions / Product
  2. Winner announcement by the judges
  3. Best and disruptive idea team -1 & 2 felicitation

Event Start:

19 Mar 2021

Event End:

20 Mar 2021

Registration End:

6th April 2021


10.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Registration Form

Event Enquire Form

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