WFM Priorities For 2021

During these historical times what priority decisions do Workforce Management teams need to make based both on data driven approaches and but also on the ‘art’ and experience taken from 2020, in order to establish a strategic and structural level to WFM in 2021.

To help answer and explore this question we have invited some experienced senior WFM leaders to discuss, debate and share their knowledge in this space.

At the GWFM we see Workforce Management as methodology that can be applied holistically across many different industries, sectors, verticals and disciplines.  This particular event will be mainly focused on Workforce Management applied to Contact Centers, IT departments, and back-office departments but we welcome all other workforce planning professionals applying WFM principles to Retail, Logistics, Wholesale, Industry and Hospitality as well as workforce planning flavours applied to HCM, & Project Management.



WFM Priorities for 2021

  • What do you need to prioritize during these historic times to engage your organizations’’ and clients’ businesses.
  • How do you adapt your current structures to the changes of technological opportunities, market behaviors and transfer your abilities to a Strategic Workforce Management cycle in the long-term.
  • How do you run your business and operational integrity to the unexpected events for forecasting, long-term capacity planning, efficient scheduling, proactive real time monitoring and accurate reporting

Event Schedule

Day 1



Event Speakers

André Leitão
Global Director at Farfetch
WFM Priorities For 2021
Matthew De Giovanni
Head of Planning
WFM Priorities For 2021
Anthony Maycroft
Contact Centre Manager

Event Start:

01 Jan 1970

Registration End:

22 Feb 2021


7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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