GWFM Maturity Model & Consulting

GWFM Maturity Model

GWFM introduces the WFM consulting practice area to help the industry and organizations
If your organization is still not witnessing any disruption to grow in the faster face high time for you to get help / just survive with unsolved problems and struggling 
Who are the GWFM’s strategic team members? : Few of the top CEOs, CTOs, COOs, CFOs, and Sr. WFM leaders from world-class global organizations
GWFM Strategic Consulting can help to build a profitable WFM Function in the organization.

GWFM Strategic Consulting offerings can help on the following.

Lowering Business & Org RISK of 25% to 35%
Future Fit =75%
Skill currency =85%
Revenue assurance= 60 %to 73%
Gross margin improvement = 15 to 20%
Revenue improvement per employee 25 % to 30%

Benefits of GWFM Maturity Model

GWFM Maturity Model “GWFMMM” is very unique performance improvement framework for competitive organisations that want to achieve high performance with a focus on continuous value creation with revenue assurance. 


GWFMMM helps organisations discover the factual business value they can deliver by building capability in their workforce and processes.

Certifying GWFM confers the Organisation’s professional recognition of your standing in the industry,
allowing the use of designatory letters.


  • Workforce Vs Business Alignment 
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Lowering Business & Organisation 
  • Future Fit organisation 
  • Skill currency model 
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Gross margin improvement 
  • Revenue improvement per employee 
  •  And many more….

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