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Global Workforce Management Professional Chartered Body is the Biggest WFM Network in the world registered in USA & Canada. “GWFM Professional Chartered Body is the 1st one to dedicate “International WFM Professionals Day” as on 27th June”. GWFM Network Professional Chartered Body is a non-profit professional organization, comprising of a group of WFM & HR professionals committed to promoting the WFM movement in the global platform and enhancing the capability of human capital professionals to compete globally and thereby creating value for society. GWFM is committed to the development of human resources through education, training, research, and experience sharing. GWFM is one of the fastest-growing professional chartered bodies in the world and a trendsetter where we discuss current and future happenings in global business. Established in 2014 June, the Chartered Institute of Global Workforce Management is registered in USA & Canada, we are an autonomous, not-for-profit professionally managed organization, playing an Evangelist role in grooming Leaders for Future.

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Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.

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GWFM helps you grow your career with UP-SKILLING & learn NEW in WFM which is beyond organizational boundaries 


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GWFM has curated brand new courses which are essential for the post-pandemic days.    UP-SKILLING to OUT-PERFORM on your roles 



GWFM's courses are BUSINESS CASE basis and NEW AGE learning-related. Self-paced, Live sessions, Mentors support, and Professional Networking

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By being a member at the GWFM, you can avail a wide range of services that will develop both your personal and professional career growth and be on the top to learn market happenings. Grab the chance to enjoy a world-class lifestyle at GWFM.

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