Elon Musk’s “hilarious” job proposal to a former X employee

Elon Musk had once offered a job to a former Twitter executive who was let go by former CEO Parag Agrawal. Known for unconventional ways of working, Musk casually asked Kayvon Beykpour, who worked as head of product at Twitter, to join the company by saying “swipe right” if you want to work at a place “he seems to care”.

Kayvon Beykpour recalled his first one-on-one meeting with Musk on a podcast where he made him an offer to keep working on the platform. Beykpour joined Twitter, now X, in 2015 when it acquired his video live- streaming company, Periscope.

“Want to come hang out”, asks Musk

During the podcast, Beykpour said that he first met Musk over FaceTime before meeting him in-person at X headquarters. The two, he said, discussed ‘the past, the future of Twitter, the good, the bad, the ugly’ for hours when Musk surprised him by asking if he wanted to join back the platform.

“Elon was very cool about it. He actually used this phrase at the end of our conversation which I still find hilarious. He was just like, ‘Do you want to just like come You seem like you care about the product and you don’t have dumb ideas. Do you want to come hang out?””.

Beykpour said that Musk asked him to “swipe right on whether you want to be here.” “I was like, ‘What would my job be?’ And he was like ‘Dunno, just like hang out and you can swipe left or swipe right. He used the swipe right, swipe left Tinder metaphor and I thought that was kind of hilarious coming from him,” “He was like, ‘We don’t have to make this a thing. Just like do you want to hang out and work on the product with us?,” he said during the podcast. Beykpour, however, declined Musk’s offer.

“I sort of ended up deciding that actually, I’m just ready to move on. I’ve spent enough time at this company, at this product, trying to shape it into something that I was passionate about, and I think it’s someone else’s turn, especially Elon. If you buy it, it’s your turn. You can do whatever you want with it,”.

Source: GWFM Research & Study

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