Amazon CEO warns employees who refuse to return to office 3 days a week: ‘Not going to work’

Amazon has issued a stern warning for employees who have refused to return to work 3 days a week. Earlier this week, it was reported that the employees were not too keen to return to office and most employees decided to leave the job insteading working from office three days a week. The company CEO Andy Jassy has sent out a strong message for employees who don’t want to go back to the office: “It’s not going to work out for you.” A recent report from Insider shared that Jassy expressed this during a meeting earlier this month.

In May, Amazon required its employees to come back to the office for three days each week. However, this decision didn’t sit well with many Amazon workers. A lot of them were unhappy about it and even started a petition against the rule. They even organized a walkout in protest.

But Amazon hasn’t changed its stance despite the backlash. Insider obtained a recording of the meeting where Jassy spoke directly to employees. He emphasized that it’s time to put aside disagreements and fully commit to the decision. He added that if someone can’t do that, Amazon might not be the right fit for them. Jassy said, “We are going back to the office at least three days a week.”

According to reports, Jassy mentioned that the choice to have employees return to the office was a “judgment call.” He pointed out that if some employees don’t want to follow this, they have the option to leave the company. He emphasized that it’s not fair for some teammates to come in three days a week while others refuse. Amazon has not yet commented on Jassy’s strongly worded email to the employees.

Apart from this, Amazon has also been dealing with ongoing layoffs. Additionally, the company has been taking a strict approach towards employees who are reluctant to return to the office. In July, leaked messages suggested that Amazon might push for “voluntary resignation” from employees who don’t want to relocate to the in-person hubs where their teams work. Some employees also decided to quit on their own terms. The company has even started sending warnings to workers regarding their in-person attendance, as reported by Insider.

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