Singapore ranks as the most overworked country in the world, with 7 in 10 employees unhappy at work

A new study has revealed that Singapore is the most overworked country in the world, with a shocking 7 in 10 employees being unhappy at work- even beating China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

The study by Instant Offices compared average working hours, annual leave, and workplace happiness to determine which APAC countries have the strongest culture of overworking, with Singapore coming out on top. The study revealed that a shocking 73% of employees are unhappy at work in Singapore.

In addition, Google searches for ‘overworking’ in Singapore have increased by 74% since before the pandemic, and around 62% of people admit to feeling burnout in 2022.

Employees also work the longest hours on average each week (45), and have one of the lowest amounts of annual leave days globally with only 7 days.

Combatting the culture of overworking

There are several ways in which some of the most overworked countries in the APAC region can combat overworking, and some countries in Europe are leading the way.

France introduced a 35-hour work-week policy, while employees are entitled to a four-day workweek in Belgium. Both Iceland and Spain have been experimenting with reduced working hours each week.

In Singapore, 76% of employees are interested in a 4-day work week, along with Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Here’s how companies can help employees stop overworking:

  • Educate managers on how to spot burnout and overworking
  • Create a culture of unplugging after work and on weekends
  • Encourage open conversations about work-life balance
  • Offer more flexible and agile working options




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