Citi Singapore introduces 12 weeks of sabbatical leave & up to 4 weeks of ‘giving back’ leave for eligible employees

Citi Singapore has announced a new leave programme for employees to “refresh, re-energise” amid a shift out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Named the Resiliency Programme, it consists of a 12-week sabbatical leave -refresh, recharge, and re-energise (R3), designed for employees to pursue their personal interests and focus on wellness by providing them with the opportunity to travel, pursue personal goals, spend time with loved ones, or to take extra time off to recharge. Complementing this, Citi will also allow up to four weeks of ‘giving back’ leave, which aims to encourage employees to pursue their philanthropic interests and focus on volunteerism by offering them the opportunity to contribute to charitable causes that they are passionate about. “This new initiative has been introduced in recognition of the important role that companies play in employees’ financial, mental and physical wellbeing as well as community support,” the Bank said in a press release. Eligible full-time employees who take up to 12 weeks of sabbatical leave will be paid 25% of their monthly base pay, and employees who choose to apply for the ‘giving back’ leave will continue to be paid 100% of their monthly base pay. To be eligible, the employee would have to have worked with Citi for five years, among other criteria. Each employee is also allowed to take the sabbatical leave only twice in their duration of employment with Citi. During the leave, employees will continue to be fully covered by the company’s medical and health insurance, and they will continue to accrue their annual leave. Sarab Preet Singh, ASEAN and Singapore Head of Human Resources, Citi said: “The future of work requires us to think differently about the workplace and respond to the evolving needs and interests of our employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of change and put the spotlight on employee well-being making Citi’s Resiliency Programme a timely and relevant one. I am also proud that we are able to lead the way to empower my colleagues to give back to the communities in which we operate.” In Asia, this programme has been rolled out in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan as part of the initial launch phase. Source: Human Resources Online & GWFM News Subscribe as a member: Visit us for WFM Learning Academy:


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