Sutherland Acquires Augment CXM

Sutherland, an experience-led digital transformation company, today announced that it has acquired AI-based customer experience platform company Augment CXM to extend Sutherland’s AI solutions portfolio and help global brands improve efficiency, boost customer satisfaction and drive loyalty and conversion.

Augment CXM’s technology further supports Sutherland’s commitment to deliver impactful customer journeys for global brands by enhancing the work of people with the very best in AI and intelligent automation. Sutherland’s use of “Human-in-the-Loop” AI training models couples AI capabilities with human intelligence to optimize performance by providing real-time AI-based insights and suggested responses.

“The addition of Augment CXM technology to our solutions expands and accelerates the innovative AI solutions we deliver,” said Doug Gilbert, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer at Sutherland. “This powerful combination of augmenting human intelligence with AI technology to solve complex business problems enables our clients to achieve transformational business outcomes.”

Integrating Augment CXM’s technology with Sutherland AI-based human assist technology solutions results in a significant leap forward. Augment CXM’s client base, some of the most well-known brands in the world, have experienced as much as 30% gains in agent efficiency and 44% increases in sales conversion rates.

“Our clients have the highest expectations for end-user experiences and content quality. Those expectations drive the need for business agility,” Benjamin Shan, VP Conversational AI at Sutherland. “Sutherland has innovative solutions to address these customer needs and the addition of Augment CXM technology to our stack advances our roadmap —taking our ability to exceed expectations to a whole new level.”


Source: Sutherland & GWFM NEWS


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