“T-Shaped vs. V-Shaped Employee.”

I-Shaped Employees
I-shaped employees have a narrow area of expertise and little or no knowledge or experience in other areas. While they may excel in their specific area of expertise, they may struggle to collaborate with others and bring a diverse set of skills to their work.

T-Shaped Employees
T-shaped employees are specialists in one area with shallow knowledge in other areas. They can be valuable team members who can contribute their deep expertise to the group. Typically, T-shaped employees are more focused and task-oriented.

M-Shaped Employees
M-shaped employees have deep knowledge in two or more areas. They are adaptable and able to switch between different areas of expertise while also being able to integrate them together. They tend to be more visionary and creative.

V-Shaped Employees
V-shaped employees have deep knowledge in one area and medium-deep, medium-broad knowledge in adjacent areas. They are versatile and agile and can switch roles and grow. V-shaped employees tend to be more communicative and collaborative.

Resource: GWFM Research & Study