National Conclave on Talent Acquisition

Praveen Kamath General Manager And HR Head Global Delivery And Enablement WIPRO

The role of the HR professional is becoming increasingly complex and labor-intensive in this thriving economy where readily available talent is scarce and recruiters are poaching top performers. But artificial intelligence (AI) can address many of the issues that HR professionals face related to recruiting and hiring and even elements of onboarding and even elements of performance management.

1. What are the current Talent Acquisition Scenarios?

Current Talent Acquisition Scenario is the ability to hire quickly in technology space. The way in which business expects the ability to give productivity, allocation, billability status for any raw talent at a given point of time in a given month in a given year. I think if we are able to give these three entireties of talent acquisition, I think we will be a greater team which can complement the efforts of working through customers and making sure we really become partners in our ability to win large businesses.

2. What are the Talent Trends in 2019 ?

Recruiting and candidate sourcing is the first step in a successful employee lifecycle in which the HR community has an opportunity to gather data through AI and put it to good use. Although many recruiters view AI as a potential threat to their jobs the opposite is true  the ever-evolving technology behind AI makes recruiters’ lives easier. Advances in AI have already had a huge impact and will continue to influence recruiting strategy and process including removing the administrative manual tasks from recruiters to-do lists so they have time to manage the human element of the process.

3.Skill gap between industry and academia.

 Is it true?

I call it as an extended arm of the organization; people have to work with channelizing the ability of talent through multiple channels. For me a talent or an employable or a trainable resource is available in universities, colleges occasionally training as well as institutes which can cater to these needs through the academic setup. More and more organizations have taken inroads to such extended arms, they should tie up with colleges and institutions, wherein skilling becomes a way of life in their 4th, 5th, 6th semesters. Any gap in the identification of such talent through this model can be fulfilled through identifying such talent from other sources of hiring such as referral. Identify such people who will give referrals plans for such people. Organizations should really invest time and effort on that to build an ecosystem of people according to the requirement of the customer, keep monitoring them and when the need comes they will be having enough people who can work directly in project environments and can contribute to the requirements of the customer and the business.

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