Workforce Management WFM Trends in 2019

By Dr. Pramod Sadarjoshi

By Dr. Pramod Sadarjoshi

Disruptive landscape calls for Disruptive measures. The blitzkrieg of Digital Economy that is sweeping the entire gamut of business ecosystem has made Digital HCM an imperative. The onslaught of ‘start-ups’, has made the game only more complex and challenging; and Talent is at the core of this fascinating game. The most critical parameter to be addressed in this ‘turbulent upheaval’ is that of human capital. While technology remains the predominant game-changer, it cannot be the panacea, without the people-energy – a lethal blend of PASSION, PROWESS & PERFORMANCE.

In this context, Talent-magnetism is the most crucial ingredient for a sizzling ‘kick-off’ of sorts. How are organizations gearing up, through use of technology, to possess and keep the ‘best & the brightest’? What goes into ensuring the ‘stickiness’ of talent to your organization? Having got the talent on-board, it is super-critical to develop and nurture an eco-system which is analytical, innovative and intuitive. How do you tap and sustain that people-energy resulting in seamless business efficiency? This change is driven by futuristic technologies that aid in the delivery of HR mandates, including fascinating new horizons such as ‘Heart-fullness’ that will fundamentally alter how we view our people, their motivations, to deliver targeted HR strategy. Moving from the ‘fringe’ to the ‘core’ i.e. moving from being a business-partner to being a business-centric DNA, becomes extremely crucial to keep HR community relevant.

How do we do it ? What’s the framework ?

The capability of build trustand provide confidence to Business & other functions on the ability to provide the right talent at the right time at the right cost.
Develop  talent fulfilment strategy, interfacing with multiple groups in order to execute and deliver on commitments.
Satisfy employee aspirations through providing the right opportunity, considering their progression, rotation, skilling and onsite travel aspirations & competenceWorkforce Management (WFM) Trends in 2018 and Way forward :

Well, in my considered opinion, these 4 Pillars can ensure a Sizzling Organization through Empowered People :

1. TALENT-MAGNETISM : Current ‘dynamic, in-the-face’ business / talent landscape where talent is ‘ THE CUSTOMER ‘ & need to balance the dichotomy of Hiring budget Vs Hiring targets

2. BUILDING A ROBUST & SCALABLE ECO-SYSTEM : Creating an ‘arresting Eco-system’ – a lethal blend of equitable compensation , knowledge investment & tangible, visible growth progression. All this under the umbrella of ” evidence-based talent management ”

3. CHANGE-MANAGEMENT : Having built the robust Eco system it is imperative that the science of Change -Management, now needs to be applied with all its granularity, to ensure that the talent strategy is executed with ruthless precision.

4. CULTURE TRANSFORMATION : To ensure sustainability of the above three, it is imperative to have it all embedded in the DNA of the organisation. This calls for culture diagnostics & resultant transformation just so that it cascades down uniformly & consistently, across SBUs, Horizontals & Geos.

(For purposes of brevity, only a brief synopsis has been mentioned above)

I have suggested the above 4 pillars, based on my interventions, (I have had the fortune of leading) in some of the marquee, global organizations. In my view, they pretty-much are at the forefront of future-focused HCM pivot, facilitating global benchmarks in cloud-based HR systems. It is imperative that we engage in navigating this high-impact thought-leadership. Today’s disruptive, digital economy presents an excellent landscape / platform / challenge, for HCM function and professionals, to become the ‘quintessential differentiators’, in propelling organizations into the next higher orbit of business excellence – a Nirvana of sorts ! “

You can be on ‘CLOUD’ – the new ‘vector’ !

Power to HCM / HR professionals !


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