Employee workplace trends in 2024

2023 witnessed the corporate workplace undergo its third consecutive year of significant transformation, reshaping the future of work and the roles of internal communicators and employee engagement

ROI presents its top five workplace trends in 2024:

1. Generative AI and digital transformation take center stage:

CEOs and C-suites are set to prioritise generative AI and digital transformation as major organisational focuses. In April, 59% of professional communicators had already started experimenting with incorporating Al-driven applications into their work, with 89% considering the ability to craft effective AI prompts and queries as crucial. Consequently, a C- suite emphasis on investments in digital communication infrastructure and cloud collaboration software will become paramount, leading to the widespread adoption of communication and engagement tools. Success in leveraging these tools will vary depending on factors such as upskilling, solution selection, investment, and strategic implementation at various levels of adoption. In 2024, companies will require a clearly defined Al policy covering usage, security, and ethical considerations.

2. Navigating return to office (RTO), hybrid work, and the 4-day workweek: The ongoing debate among shareholders, employers, and employees regarding RTO policies, hybrid work models, and the 4-day workweek will persist as a source of contention in 2024.

3. Workforce streamlining: Workforce reductions are expected to continue until global inflation levels stabilize, and organisations fully realize the potential of GenAI to automate tasks.

4. Tackling worker burnout: Worker burnout, exacerbated by disruptions in the global and domestic marketplace, shows no signs of abating in 2024. People managers are particularly susceptible, and employee tenure is anticipated to decrease unless organisations make substantial investments in employee retention and wellness initiatives.

5. Elevating crisis management preparedness: With geopolitical tensions on the rise and the impending United States presidential election, organisations will prioritise crisis management in 2024.

Resource: GWFM Research

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