GWFM North America WFM Leadership Roundtable

GWFM’s North America Leadership Roundtable

As the Pandemic disrupted life and business worldwide and brought the world to change its life and work styles, it also unified the workforce across different organizations and sectors to come together and collaborate on developing a coping-up mechanism with the New Normal. GWFM used its platform to bring together the WFM experts working in different renowned organizations to exchange ideas, interact, and thus learn about the practices of employing WFM in the New Normal.”

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GWFM has presented the virtual WFM Roundtable on the :

Topic :  The New Normal Paradigm Shift and way forward

Date :    25th Sep 2020                                   Time duration:

The conference had registration of 1000 attendees globally .

IT consisted of renowned speakers and tech talk by two companies:   Amplif BI and  Work………….

The Roundtable discussion on

  • that has and is changing from pre-COVID to current
  • Future to Workforce, workplace & Business performance
  • Future of WFM Roles and organization’s future-readiness
  • Industry impacts or how are they adapting? (Retail, Travel, Banking, etc… )

 It   was participated 7 leaders of WFM . whose valuable inputs was applauded and extolled by the audiences  worldwide .

The Keynote Speaker:Jay Pareekh engaged the audience and spoke on how the companies are adapting to the new Normal. He beautifully interpreted the process that the organization as :

  • Survive the 1st phase of the Pandemic ;
  • Revive the 3rd phase  and
  • Thrive the 3rd phase of finally the change and thriving 

Jay Pareekh further mentioned that this unprecedented change thrust upon us has evolved our processes with the use of technology and has nudged the people to make the changes. The digital transformation that was moving at a slow pace has catapulted into a rapid transformation. As organizations adapt to  WAH the HR functions are now focussed more on forecasting the demand management rather than the supply management . Because the limited resources and the remote working the accuracy of Demand Management gains importance .

As the new norms are set to adapt to the virtual recruitment process the new norms for recruitment process are set in as wve from screening of resumes to virtual behavioural interviews to on boarding.

Throwing deeper insights and advocating agent  empowerment. He said and I quote

Age of smart working,- automation and operational efficiency with AI and other ICT technologies are essential for the remote working workforce .”

The Roundtable on the topic “New Normal Paradigm Shift” was an excellent discourse of 7 elite speakers :

1. Sridhar Mudaliar, Global WFM Head & COE , TCS

2. Mohit Shah, Vice President -WFM, TaskUs, USA

3. Grant Marques, Operations Leader – People Analytics Practice, PwC, USA

4. Melissa Johnson, Global Director, Workforce Management, TELUS International

5. Shivani Rawat, WFM Leader,AIG, USA 

6. Ramiro Candela, Director, Workforce Operation, Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc.

7. Paul Chance, Executive; WFM Innovation at NICE Ltd

Sreedhar Murdiliar acted as the Moderator of the Roundtable.

Sridhar Moderator initiated the interaction eloquently describing the Pandemic and its impact o the workforce which was a bolt from the blue and caused the world to mend its way. However, as the world is evolving from the effect it has brought in many positivities. Starting on this positive note, he pointed out that New normal has in fact brought a positive shift in his relationship with his teammates as the feeling of mutual wellbeing has brought them closer and spread a feeling of camaraderie. He invited the speakers to share their thoughts and perspectives on the issue.

 Romero stressed the fact that the virtual environment is posing a great strain to the workforce who keep on hoping from one meeting to another and feeling stressed in the process. The current requirement of employee connectedness was to create a bond that will facilitate their working.   He emphasized the importance of having a relaxing time with colleagues with the concept of a “virtual water cooler’. A virtual meeting where everyone can join and stay connected aside from their teams a wonderful concept of being the link to all the other people in the workforce just as a moment of relaxation. A wonderful concept of striking balance.

Grant emphasized that the people initially at the dawn of the pandemic connected and try to check if everybody was OK and later met and thought of working under circumstances till things return to Normal now are realizing that this is the new normal .

Mohit Shah emphasizes that in order to cut down the stress in the frontline workers due to the excessive screen time they have devised in their organization no meeting Friday which is devoted to working for oneself and was to cut down on the prescheduled meetings. An initiative to have no chats or hangouts in the weekend was done to lessen the screen detoxification and prepare the workforce for a fresh start of the coming week 

They had launched the Connect 15 which was a casual meeting with senior leaders without people aware of whom they will be meeting a kind of blind date. It was also brought out by . Mohit Shah that regular session on random is being held between the leadership of the top Management and the different frontline operators it enhanced their engagement levels .

Melissa said that employee productivity has increased due to remote working as the workforce is empowered and has become more responsible. People can meet without the leaders just to bond together and a virtual bonding time through a virtual cocktail party. So, screen time was also for rewinding and connecting. She emphasized the radical shift and the impact on productivity as the team leaders are having a tough time tracking performance. As the constraints of the tough situation loomed large the challenge is in devising a situation a PMS where the KPI is devised to track how they perform a pre-Covid model just fails to meet the expectation of the current time. In fact in the start, there was a spike in productivity initially but then it normalized .with constrains that they were meeting regularly

Shivani pointed out that the WFH has made people assume that the employees are available for more time as time is not lost in commuting. So, to create some method in the madness there they have reduced the meeting time to 45 minutes thus the meetings are more productive as people are more prepared for meeting and less hassled.

Shivani said that the organization has become more profound to the health of their employee and in fact, in her organization they have started scheduling sessions with the workforce and just trying to learn how they are coping with the new normal. It was also customary for the organization to keep track of how the aging workforce was adapting to the changed atmosphere and how help can be extended.  A really commendable initiative which is earning lot of appreciations from employees

Paul talked on the new age innovation on the WFM Tech smart is already in place, NICE has been playing a market leader role in defining and helping organizations solve their current and future problems .working inn different renowned organization to exchange ideas, interact and thus learn about the practices of employing WFM in the New Normal.

Conclusion :

The Roundtable projected many points which needed much pondering and the way these organization has responded to the situation. They emphasised on a proper communication  , a proper meeting time very rightly said a meeting of 15 minutes or sprint meeting to bring better results ,flexible time schedule and autonomy and agility and adaptability is  the need of the hour .

Sridhar pointed out the Maturity model and a bit more planning and adaptive modeling that is required in the given circumstances.

The session was a great source of the exchange of ideas and interventions that different organizations were doing in their tryst with Pandemic and in their quest for survival.

Article written by Dr. Neera Singh, Prof. SBS Ahmadabad

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